Home decoration is fun, inventive, creative, and one long continuous process. You will never get enough of decorating your home, since once you begin it is hard to stop. When decorating your home it is essential that you look at everything, and don’t decorate it haphazardly. One area of home decoration that most people struggle with is wall decorations.

It can be difficult to find a suitable decoration piece for your wall, which matches with the interior and the rest of the room. A lot of homeowners struggle with the creative aspect of wall decorations, since they get intimidated by the blank open space. The good news for you is that there is no shortage of great ideas that will allow you to create a unique look for your room. So without further ado, here are 10 unique ways you can decorate a wall and turn it into a focal point of your room:

1. Striped accents

If you are looking to decorate a large wall, the easiest way to do that is by getting a striped accent wall,  which will work as an amazing DIY project for yourself as well. It will help transform your entire room, and the best part is that there is no shortage of colors available, which will match with the interior décor of your room. You can get vertical or horizontal striped accents easily and even learn how to paint striped walls.


2. The gallery wall

Another great way to easily decorate your wall is by hanging a lot of photos or artwork on the wall. It will essentially turn the wall into a mini gallery, showcasing your artistic taste and family memories. There are different frames you can choose for hanging the pictures and the paintings, and you can also mix and match the frames to come up with a chic look.

3. Mirror, mirror on the wall

If you want to cover up a large blank wall, you can easily hang a large full length mirror on it. This will make your room appear brighter and larger, and will also give the appearance of a window. You could also choose to hang several small mirrors instead of a large mirror and create the same effect as the gallery wall. It is a great way to decorate a wall, and also brighten up a room.

4. Great shelving

There are also lots of shelving options that you can choose for wall art, and they also add another dimension to your wall as well. You can get floating shelves that can be rearranged in different ways and allow you to keep souvenirs, awards, or decorative items on display as well.
You can also decorate your wall with unique designed shelving, with your entire book or CD collection on it. Try thinking out of the box and get action figures or different decorative items on the shelves to give it a different look and feel.

5. Chalkboard wall

A unique way to decorate your wall is by getting a chalkboard pained on the wall. This is great if you have little ones, who always love drawing on walls, and all you need to do is apply a few layers of chalkboard paint on the wall. It will provide the kids a nice place to play and be creative and you will have a unique and artistic decoration for your wall.

This will not only please the little ones, but will allow them to practice their artistic and drawing skills. You never know, your kid could maybe turn out to be a little Pablo Picasso! Now that would be a great story to tell everyone.

6. Wall mural

Wall murals are also great decorations that you can use to showcase your passion for art, and will also reveal a bit of your personality. You can get custom wall murals made to fit the wall entirely or partially, and the best part is that you can get almost any pattern or design that comes to your mind.

7. Wallpaper patterns

Wallpapers have definitely not gone out of fashion and are making a comeback in a big way. They are definitely a unique wall décor option, which is cost-effective as well, and there are lots of choices ensuring that you won’t have to worry about getting them to match your interior décor.

8. Show off your collection

Another unique wall decorating option is hanging your collections on the wall. This can be anything from sporting memorabilia, to your favorite posters, disc and plate hangers, and even pennants and jerseys of your favorite teams. You can be creative and hang other collectible items that you don’t want anyone to touch or misplace, by proudly showing them off on your wall.

9. Light it up

You can also get wall scones for your walls, which will light up the room, and provide you with another great option for decorating your room. They are easy to install, and will also allow you to show another dimension of your home. The best part is that it will ensure that your blank wall space has a personality of its own, and it will be a great decorative element of the room as well.

10. DIY wall art

We left the best for last, and there is no doubt about it that DIY wall art is a favorite when it comes to filling up blank walls in homes. You can use your full creativity and go all out in decorating your blank wall, with postcards from different places, souvenirs or even graffiti designs.


No one likes big blank empty walls that drain the energy out of a room. Decorating a wall not only adds personality into the room, but also allows you to become more creative. It can be your own personal DIY project, and you can even turn the entire wall into a giant canvas, where you can practice and hone your painting skills. The options are limitless if you have empty, blank walls in your home, so don’t be intimidated by them, and get cracking to give your room an entirely new look.