Vacations are your ticket out, the one point in your life where you can completely forget about all your troubles, and focus on relaxing and having fun. However, amidst all the stress-free fun you are having on your vacation, it can be very easy to forget about basic home security steps that you must take. No one wants to arrive back from a great vacation to find out that their home has been broken into and half their furniture is missing now.

According to the FBI’s report on burglary statistics, home burglaries accounted for nearly $5 billion! The most surprising fact was that most of these burglaries took place when the homeowners were away on vacation from their place. Yes, even though you have taken a vacation from your everyday life and job, it’s also when your home is most likely to get broken into.

You can easily prevent home burglaries while you are away, and this is where we will help you out with some basics of home security that you need to practice when you go on vacation. They are as follows:

  • Inform your neighbors to keep an eye on your place.
  • Inform the post office to re-direct your mail or hold it.
  • Remove the spare key.
  • Have security cameras running constantly.
  • Don't keep your home in the dark.
  • Ensure that all home entry points are double locked.
  • Don't advertise that you'll be away from home on social media.
  • Inform local police authority or the insurance company.
  • Have a family member visit the place every few days

Why should you do all of the above? Because:

Burglars are always watching

You may not notice them or even know that you are under surveillance from burglars, who look for homes that giveaway signs that their homeowners are on vacation. You may only be gone for a couple of weeks, but if everything about your home suggests you haven’t been home in a while, it makes for a prime burglary target. Burglars check for homes that are unkempt, that don’t have a lot of visitors coming or going, and there is mail all over the place.

It is like an open invitation to burglars that there is no one watching the place, so you may as well just try your luck. Always make sure that you keep your home under-guard by telling a neighbor or a relative to check on it or keep visiting. You should also have your mail held by the post office, since that won’t give it away that no one is at home.

Signs of life around the place are a must

Even though you may go, you can still make it appear as if people are still living in your home. You can try leaving on a light, or have your friends or neighbors turn it on every night in your absence. Getting a light switch timer is also a smart investment, which will ensure that lights turn on/off at certain times of the day. You can choose to leave the blinds open or closed, but you should only do so if you live in a safe or gated neighborhood.

If you have informed the police and have them note down the valuables in your place, then it is best to leave the blinds open, since it will provide them with unobstructed vision inside your home. It is also best to take a walk around your place, and search for entry points that are easy for burglars to break into your home. If you identity any potential weaknesses, then double up on securing them and lock them down, so that your home won’t get broken into.

Property security scares away burglars

The obvious choice for all homeowners would be to invest in property security, such as cameras running at all times in and around the place. This will ensure that burglars think twice about breaking into your home, since a proper alarm system with cameras all over the property will lead to their capture.

It will also provide you with peace of mind that you have taken the proper steps to ensuring that you don’t come back to a home that has been broken into. It is also advised that you don’t mention about the amazing trip you are having on social media, since you never know who might try breaking into your home. This isn’t a smart move, and even if you have got proper security around the place, if the burglars get wind that you are definitely not at home and won’t be for some time, they can easily plan a burglary in that time.

The keys to keeping your home safe

It shouldn’t be that hard to ensuring that your home is absolutely safe from any potential break-ins, but a lot of people tend to forget about the basics. This is why we have decided to make things easier for you by breaking down some important questions you should ask yourself before you go ahead and take your much awaited vacation. Here is what you should be quizzing yourself on:

  • What will be the length of your vacation?

If you plan on staying away from your home for more than a month, you really need to ensure that your home is well protected.

  • Is there a history of burglaries in your neighborhood?

If your neighborhood has a lot of break-ins, you definitely need to buckle up on your home security, especially if you don’t trust anyone in your area.

  • Can I trust the neighbors?

A lot of people aren’t that close with their neighbors or trust them very much. If you don’t have a trusted group of people you can rely on to keep an eye on your home, while you are away, you shouldn’t take home security lightly.

Home burglaries are most common when people leave on vacation, so make sure that you take the proper steps for home security when you go on vacation.