Do you want more space in your home to make some extra room to accommodate your growing family? It may that your children are growing up, or your parents are moving into your home, or it can also be that you have decided to start a home-based business. There are a lot of reasons for building a monster home, but regardless of the reasons, if you have the space and the resources you can easily build a monster home. The possibilities are endless when you have a large home, which is exactly what we are going to teach you in this article.

You have lived in your home for a long time and understand its idiosyncrasies, which means that you will familiar with how movement takes place from one room to the next, what the best views of your yard are, and how the light changes with the seasons. In short, you have in-depth knowledge about your home, which will aide you when it comes to finding ways to build a monster home.

There are lots of different ways you can go about it. You can either choose to build a kitchen addition, have another family room, an extra bedroom or maybe two? It doesn’t matter what kind of addition you are going after, w hat matters will be the end result. However, before you begin there are certain things that you will have to take into account, such as:

  • Will the addition be towards the back of the house?
  • Do you want to build above the house?
  • Do you want it to be separate from the house?
  • What style are you going for?
  • Is it going to blend and match with your house?
  • Is it going to make a definitive statement?

One thing you’ll need to understand before you decide on building a monster home is that you will have to work with an architect. This is going to be a huge project, and may take some time, since it doesn’t pay well to rush the expansion of your home. There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to building a monster home, and you will need to work with an architect, preferably one who shares your own vision.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best ways you can build a monster home today. Here are major design options that you should definitely consider:

Connect it to the yard

This is one of the most common additions that people opt for when expanding their home. It is easy and is generally perfect for people who have additions on the back of their home. It is commonly preferred for older homes that have kitchens or family rooms. It is a great way to strengthen the connection of your home by including it to your yard. You can even have new doors that lead towards an outdoor room that has been fitted with furniture.

You can use a different material

When it comes to building a monster home, you will need to think about possible additions to the home, which will open up the options for using different materials. You can be creative here by matching with existing materials, but this can be quite a costly option. You can save yourself a lot of time and money by opting for a different material, such as wood, which will add another dimension to your home.

Mind the scale

If you’re thinking about truly monster level additions, you should ensure that it matches with the rest of your home. New additions can overwhelm the structure of your home, so keep this thing in mind during the construction phase. You don’t have to ensure that your entire home has one big roof overhead, since you can easily break down the roof into smaller divisions and therefore avoid overwhelming the overall structure of your home.

Create a jewel box

This is a great option, since it helps your home get the perfect new addition without compromising on its look and appeal. Creating a jewel box will provide you with endless opportunities to create something unique and truly special. To ensure that it has a greater effect on the home, you can have it filled with light, and the additional space will mean that it will feel as if you are living outdoors throughout the year.

Make a statement

In almost every home addition or rebuilding job, one thing that a lot of people overlook is that different is much better than having everything match. You can truly explore when making additions to your home, since you have the option to use your own creativity to build an aesthetically pleasing home. If you are looking to make a monster home, you should ensure that at the end of the day, you are also making a statement in the design and overall appeal of the home.

So don’t be shy about expressing yourself, and let the entire world know that you mean business with a great new addition to your home. Have something that is clearly visible to everyone, and this bold statement will result in a home that will be noticed by everyone and make a clear statement.

Create a pavilion

If you have the space, you can get creative and create a space that will be like an extension from your home, sort of like a pavilion. It is simple to do and this also allows your home to standout with an extension that is mightily impressive, and not that different from the overall home.

Ranch up

Instead of using the precious ground area next to the building foundation, you can even add a second floor addition to the house, to get some extra space. This type of addition means that you will have to add a new staircase inside the house, and can be a bit costly. However, it helps fix some deficiencies in the structure of the home, and ensures that you get a truly monster house.