Kitchen remodeling is one of the most underrated and difficult jobs you can undertake. Not only is it super expensive but it also underlines the fact that no home renovation job is easy or should be taken lightly. However, all that shouldn’t discourage you from trying to update your kitchen, since there are certain tips and tricks that will definitely allow you to build your dream kitchen. If you really want to ensure that you update your kitchen, without spending a fortune and get the entire thing done quickly, then we have the best tips and tricks for you.

The kitchen is probably one of the busiest rooms in the entire house, so when you think about updating it, you shouldn’t look at wasting time trying to make elaborate changes. There are ways in which you can easily update your kitchen in a single day! We aren’t kidding when we say this. We will show you how you can transform your kitchen, by making small and simple changes that will not only upgrade the kitchen but will make it one of your favorite rooms in the entire home.

The heart of the house should definitely be treated royally, and with these simple and easy updates that you can make in your kitchen in a single day, you will be making a massive statement.

Change or add lighting

This is a simple yet effective way to change how your kitchen looks completely. If you have got dim lighting in your kitchen, you can simply change it by switching the light fixtures in your kitchen. It sounds easy doesn’t it? And the best part is that it isn’t going to cost you a lot of money as well. You don’t have to spend money on vintage lighting fixtures, since there are so many different options available.

You can also add cabinet lighting and add different light fixtures in your kitchen to liven it up and give it some personality.

Change shelf liners or drawers

Do you remember the last time you changed your drawers or shelf liners? If you want to make changes in your kitchen you can do so easily by changing the shelf liners and the drawers. You can get fresh nonstick liners and clean out the drawers and cabinets in your kitchen, and even change them if you really want to. Try going with different nonslip liners, which will give your kitchen something different and really make a difference as far as upgrading it goes.

Throw in a rug in the mix

You wouldn’t believe the difference that a simple rug makes to a room. It changes the entire feel and personality of the room and you can do that in your kitchen as well. It may not look like it is going to make a difference, but wait till you actually set it up. Having a rug also allows the tiles to shine through, and people will actually start paying attention to them as well.

Replace the faucet

Another very simple change you can make in your kitchen is changing all the faucets. It is a straightforward way to upgrade your kitchen, but one that not a lot of people think about. You can make the changes yourself, and even though getting new faucets may cost a little money, there are lots of different options and you can easily find a good deal. Making small investments like these will ensure that your kitchen really does look upgraded, and the best part is that, it is a change you can make very easily in a single day.

Update the hardware

Are you looking to switch out your old pulls or knobs? This is one of the most common decisions made by people upgrading their kitchen, and one that makes sense as well. Updating the hardware is easy, and will allow you to get decorative or modern hardware that will transform the look of your cabinets and drawers in the kitchen.

Add pull-out shelves and drawer organizers

Sliding organizers and shelves make a huge difference in upgrading your kitchen, and allow you to get complete control over your kitchen as well. They are easy to acquire and install, meaning that they should definitely be on your list when it comes to making upgrades to your kitchen in a day.

Add more storage space

No kitchen upgrade will ever be complete if you don’t make some space for additional storage. You can easily make those changes through under-cabinet baskets and wire shelves. They will not only save space, but will also ensure that you get additional space in your cabinets.

Get a great dish rack

Who doesn’t love a great dish rack? They make the entire kitchen shine and you can easily change the appearance of your kitchen with one as well. There are different designs and styles available for dish racks, which allow you to make updates to your kitchen in a single day.

Cover those ugly countertops

Everyone hates ugly countertops, and instead of getting a new one in your kitchen, you can save time and money by simply covering them up. It may not look like a huge improvement, but with the right cover, you will drastically improve on what you have. If you don’t have the budget to get a new kitchen countertop, since they can be expensive, you can definitely choose to get some covers for them.

Swap out the switch plates

One of the most recommended changes you can make to your kitchen in order to update it in just a single day is to swap out the switch plates. It is a great way to ensure that you are able to not only able to change the appearance of your kitchen but can also ensure that it looks updated, nice and clean. The best part is that it won’t cost you a lot of money, and the change can be made in a single day.